What God Accomplished in 2021

Acts 21:18-20 records for us the Apostle Paul’s report to the Jerusalem church, “The next day Paul went to meet with James, and all the elders of the Jerusalem church were present. After greeting them, Paul gave a detailed account of the things God had accomplished…through his ministry. When they heard this, they praised God.” […]

How to Design Missionary Prayer Cards

Have you considered mailing out missionary prayer cards? Missionary prayer cards are utilized by missionaries around the globe to communicate with their friends, family members, and supporters as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, missionary prayer cards are an easy and convenient way to share updates, prayer requests, and financial needs […]

How to Donate a Vehicle to TECH

How to Donate a Vehicle to TECH Would you like to donate a vehicle to TECH? TECH Team Advantage is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Therefore, if you donate a vehicle to TECH, it may be eligible to be claimed by the donor as a tax exempt gift! We encourage anyone […]

The Story Behind the TECH Team Blog

The Story Behind the TECH Team Blog Why did we create the TECH Team blog? TECH has been prayerfully seeking direction from the Lord in regards to the path He desires for us to walk. We desire above all else to bring Him glory, and we want to honor Him in all of our ways. […]

How to Present Building Campaign Plans

How to Present Building Campaign Plans How do you present building campaign plans to your stakeholders? There will come a time in ministry when building campaign plans will be required in order to meet specific needs. Perhaps the sanctuary is no longer big enough to hold the congregation. Has the children’s ministry has doubled in […]

What is SEO and Why Should You Care?

What is SEO and Why Should You Care? What is SEO? Why should you care? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) maximizes the number of visitors to a particular website. SEO strategically positions your website so potential clients can discover it while surfing the net. It does this by ensuring the site appears high on the list […]

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For ease of uploading you can zip all of your files into one folder. (Select your files, right click and select ‘compress’ or ‘zip’) Each upload has a 2 GB limit. Be sure and tell us in the message line who the file is for. Do not close the page until the file upload is complete.

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