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TECH Team’s missionary internship program gives college students the opportunity to develop their God-given skills, education, experience, and technical abilities as they seek to glorify God and learn about missions and missionaries lives.

This is more than an internship; it’s a calling.

  • Work alongside professionals in your field of study, earn college credit, and get a taste of what it’s like to serve in ministry! Financial assistance is available.

Possible Internships

We can provide internships in many areas her are a few of the most common.

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Computer Programming
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Other Areas



  • A minimum of two years’ pre-professional education or life experience
  • Completion of TECH Team’s Missionary Internship Program application and signed agreement with our Statement of Beliefs
  • Willingness to commit to a minimum period of six weeks to twelve months of service
  • All internships will occur at our Longview, Texas location

We have scholarship opportunities available for individuals who meet our minimum internship requirements.

TECH Team determines acceptance upon:

  1. evaluation of application
  2. assessment of skills
  3. availability of appropriate projects


  • Willing to work as a team member on a wide variety of tasks, topics and assignments
  • Provide a minimum of 40 hours’ service to TECH Team each week of the internship
  • Supply your own transportation to and from Longview, TX
  • Interns typically have the option to raise financial support to cover their living expenses (other than housing—TECH provides housing for interns who need it) while serving at TECH
  • Participate in TECH chapel, prayer groups, and other spiritual life programs
  • Inform your local church pastor, missions committee, and other friends who will stand behind you in prayer and support

College credit is available—check with your adviser!

Get INvolved and help make an impact on the world. TECH Team focuses on helping ministry organizations and churches in their work of spreading the gospel and building the body of Christ.


We have the solutions you can afford!

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Quick Donation

TECH Team relies on donations and sponsorships for funds in order to continue providing professional and affordable services specific to the needs of like-minded missionaries, churches, and Christian organizations around the world.

File Upload

For ease of uploading you can zip all of your files into one folder. (Select your files, right click and select ‘compress’ or ‘zip’) Each upload has a 2 GB limit. Be sure and tell us in the message line who the file is for. Do not close the page until the file upload is complete.

See our Template Page to download Templates if you wish to create your own design
(Please see our Graphic Guidelines for how to prepare your files and how to Zip files.)

Upload elements for your design OR upload your finished design.

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