History of TECH Team

God planted a unique seed in the fertile soil of a child’s heart. His name was Birne Wiley.

Founder Birne’s father was a pastor who believed in hospitality, especially to fellow Christian workers. As a young boy and teenager, Birne would stay up late talking to missionaries who frequently visited the Wiley’s home. 

Many missionaries expressed frustrations because their time on the field and their mission’s dollars were being eaten up by necessary projects that did not fall within their training or calling. These missionaries had been called and equipped to preach and teach the gospel. Instead, they found themselves trying to build churches, create Bible lessons, design printed literature, repair Jeeps, and perform other activities they were not prepared to handle.

God used those conversations to plant a seed that grew into the vision of Missionary TECH Team, a service organization designed to free missionaries to do the work for which God had called and gifted them to do.

TECH Team continues to help transform lives for Christ—50 years later—by serving hundreds of different missions, missionaries, and Christian organizations around the world every year.

Every state, 140 countries, over 18,000 projects…

Get INvolved and help make an impact on the world. TECH Team focuses on helping Missionaries spread the word of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We can use passionate people to help us on our mission. 


We have the solutions you can afford!

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TECH Team relies on donations and sponsorships for funds in order to continue providing professional and affordable services specific to the needs of like-minded missionaries, churches, and Christian organizations around the world.