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Our Goal

Our team of Graphic Designers, Display production, Video, and AV specialist is dedicated to producing high quality visual communication pieces  and services for churches and ministries.

Our Desire

We desire to help you communicate your ministry with quality tools at low cost as you seek to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Printing services

We print many displays in house. Some displays and most literature are outsourced, giving us a wide variety of options to meet your needs.

Graphic Design services

Our experienced designers serve you at a flat $20 per hour for any project, from logos to displays to websites, and any other project you need.

Website services

At a flat $20 per hour. full service web development: updating to a complete rewrite and redesign, or a brand new website. SEO, image development, and UX design are included.  General maintenance of our websites are free.

AV services

Professional consultation, equipment recommendations, installation, and training. Helping you choose, install, and utilize the right combination of strategies and technologies to meet your church or ministry audio/visual needs. 

Video Production services

Quality video production for a flat fee of $250 (Plus any travel related cost). These services are for small to medium projects and are subject to load and staff availability.

Examples of Print, Graphic Design, Web and AV Solutions:

  • Banners (mesh, vinyl, etc.)
  • Logos and branding
  • Pull-up and X-Stand banners 
  • Custom Event signage
  • Printed Tablecloths
  • Tabletop displays
  • Large format displays
  • Literature: (prayer cards, business cards, brochures, booklets, bookmarks, newsletters, etc.)
  • Websites
  • Comprehensive audio and video solutions for venues, studios, and houses of worship. (On-site and/or remote)
  • Online live streaming setup and training (On-site and/or remote)
  • Video Production Solutions

More about AV Solutions:

Audio, video, and live streaming solutions for churches and ministries.

Providing you with professional consultation, equipment recommendations, installation and training. Helping you choose, install and utilize the right combination of strategies and technologies to meet your church or ministry audio/visual needs.   

Media Solutions provides top quality AV solutions for a fraction of the typical cost. Our services include:

  • On-site Troubleshooting and System Optimization/Design
  • Recommend replacement and/or additional equipment (to be purchased before we arrive)
  • Assist with installation of equipment
  • Team Development & Training for AV volunteers – Learn how to properly utilize equipment.


    • $75 initial consultation to prepare for on-site help
    • $150 per workday for on-site optimization, installation and training*
    • $20 per hour if no on-site visit is required (assistance via phone, email or video conference)
    • Additional travel expenses may be required


* Compare to standard industry rates of $100+ per hour

Paul's (our AV specialist) qualifications

– MA Business Admin and marketing
– BA in Theater
– Associate’s in Recording Arts
– Associates in Music


Accomplished production specialist with proven ability to develop and organize complex projects in support of business objectives. Respected leader, able to manage and train personnel for highly efficient work environments. Award-winning audio engineer with 15 years of experience, coordinated production support for over 950 events in 14 countries for 1.6M+ live and 141M+ broadcast.

  • 16+ years of experience in sound engineering/live production mixing, setup, operation, support, and troubleshooting
  • 15 years of experience event planning, stage management and troubleshooting (with US Air Force)
  • Experience in live stream setup/configuration and podcasting
  • Expert in all aspects of audio production (recording, editing, mixing and mastering)
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More about Video Solutions:

  • We are now offering quality videos for a flat fee of $250 (Plus any travel related expenses).
  • These services are for small to medium projects and are subject to project load and staff availability.  
  • Filming is also available within the US, however you would be responsible for any travel related expenses.
  • Video production includes editing of footage and production of master copy DVDs, along with quality copying of DVD’s (at additional cost)
  • Creating of YouTube and/or Vimeo ready files available upon request.

For onsite filming we use: 

  • Video Cameras
    • Sony PXW-Z150 4K UHD 2160p
    • Sony A7Rii still camera capable of 4K UHD 2160p
    • Canon R5 still camera capable of 4K UHD 2160p
  • Three-point studio lighting
  • Wireless Microphones


We have an online catalog for some of our print items and services. You can see our products and some of our past work. 

Check for Eligibility

We have established a policy of only providing our services and products to like-minded organizations. Please see our Eligibility section to begin this process.


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