Eligibility for TECH Team Services

TECH Team works with like-minded, nonprofit Christian ministries. Our service relationships are with those who have like-minded beliefs, objectives, practices, and intents. Your church or 501(c)(3) organization must be in agreement with the following Statement of Foundational Biblical Beliefs.

With this in mind, please read the following and then proceed to the Eligibility Form.
  1. We believe the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, to be the verbally inspired Word of God: that it is without error in the original writings and is the supreme, absolute, and final authority in all matters of Christian doctrine, faith, life, and conduct.


  1. We believe there is one Eternal God, all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present, creator of all things, co-equally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that God is holy, righteous, faithful, the total expression of mercy and loving-kindness, and love.


  1. We believe in the personality and reality of Satan.


  1. We believe all men, without respect of condition or class, are sinners (spirit, soul, and body) before God; that because of man’s total inability to save himself, salvation is by God’s grace alone, apart from works of any kind; that salvation is received through faith,


  1. We believe Jesus Christ (the Son-pre-existent, creator of all things, equal with God and possessing the fullness of the God-head), without any change in His eternal deity, became man through conception by the Holy Spirit and virgin birth; that He possessed a sinless human nature being both truly God and truly man; that He died a substitutionary and propitiatory death on the cross, a perfect and complete sacrifice for the sins of the whole world according to the Scriptures; that He, in His death, was reconciling the world to God and is triumphant over the power of Satan in man; that He was bodily resurrected and has ascended into Heaven where He was seated at the right hand of God the Father; that He is now our High Priest and advocate.


  1. We believe the Holy Spirit is a Person co-equally existing in the Godhead (Trinity); that His present ministry is to reprove the world of sin and of righteousness, and of judgment, and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by testifying of Him; that He regenerates the sinner when through faith the sinner accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior; that He indwells all believers from the time of spiritual birth and baptizes each into one body; that He seals, enlightens, instructs, fills, guides, and empowers the believer for Christian living and service.


  1. We believe all who are born again by the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ have assurance of eternal life and all the rights, privileges, and heirship of the sons of God.


  1. We believe in the eternal blessedness of the saved.


  1. We believe in the eternal conscious punishment of all unsaved.


  1. We believe in the personal, bodily, visible and imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;

If your beliefs align with TECH Team’s Statement of Beliefs, please complete the Eligibility Form.

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