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Lake City Community Church – Rowlette, TX
Exterior Facade Remodel

Project description:

Started in 2007 in a bowling alley, the church moved into a facility that was in need of exterior upgrades.  TECH Team designed improvements to the building’s exterior facade, including a covered porch that will allow for more gathering space for the congregation and will be a more inviting entrance to the facility.

Solutions Provided:

Master planning, exterior remodel, structural consultation, 3D Rendering

Church before construction

Original Church before construction

Slide 2

Elevations, front

Slide 3

Roof pitch, side of building

Slide 4

Rendering, front of building

const front

Construction, front of building

front detail

Construction, front of building detail

rail detail

Construction, hand rail detail

ramp detail

Construction, ramp detail


Construction, porch detail


Construction, side of building


Construction, Window detail

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Bread for Life International – Tombel, Cameroon
Exterior Facade Remodel

Project description:

Bread For Life International is an indigenous evangelistic, relief and development organization that seeks to address the issues of spiritual and physical hunger across West-Central Africa. The vision of the Tombel Ministry Center is to provide housing for short term guests and volunteers, office space for Bread for Life staff, and meeting space for smaller groups.

Solutions Provided:

Master planning, 3D Rendering

site plan

Tomble Ministry Center site plan

ministry center

Preliminary Ministry Center



ministry center rendering

Tombel Ministry Center rendering

front rendering

Front gate rendering

Pool rendering

Pool rendering

main building

Main building rendering

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HEED Uganda – Kyakitanga, Uganda
New High School

Project description:

HEED Uganda is a holistic ministry to the people of Uganda. The ministry has established a K-12 school near Kyakitanga, Uganda. When they contacted TECH, the high school was meeting in a small wooden hutt. TECH provided design for a new high school facility that was to be the cornerstone of a multiphase master plan. When not in use by the students, HEED Uganda utilizes the space for medical clinics and other outreach opportunities in the community.

Solutions Provided:

Facility planning and design, 3D Rendering

origional school

Original High School

Rendering High School lunch room

Rendering Lunchroom

Rendering High School lunch room

Rendering Lunchroom

Finished High School

Finished High School

HS lab

Finished High School lab


Finished classroom

classroom 2

Finished classroom

computer lab

Students in finished computer lab

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Camp IdRaHaJe – Baily Coloroado
Gym and Education Center

Project description:

Since 1948 Camp IdRaHaJe (I’d Rather Have Jesus) has affected lives through summer camps, retreats, and outdoor activities. TECH was contacted to design a multipurpose gymnasium, meeting, and recreation space. One challenge we were presented with was incorporating a climbing wall that had been acquired from another organization that had ceased operations.

Solutions Provided:

Preliminary Planning, Construction Documents (Architectural, MEP, and Structural), 3D Rendering


Floor plan

gym rendering

Gymnasium rendering

inside gym rendering

Rendering of gym set up for a meeting


Under construction

Finished gym

Finished building


Inside finished gym

gym set up for meeting

Gym set up for meeting


Lounging area



climbing rock

Climbing rock

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International Community School – Kumasi, Ghana Campus Master Plan and Facility Design

Project description:

Beginning in the early 2000’s TECH collaborated with International Community School of Ghana, West Africa, across two decades to provide planning assistance. During that time TECH provided Campus Master Planning for two sites, one in Kumasi and the other in Accra. The majority of the planning focused on the Kumasi campus with the design of multiple prototypical designs for classrooms and dormitory facilities. Additional plans were provided for specific functions such as library, dining, offices, and athletic facilities. On a volunteer basis, construction consultation and assistance were provided by retired contractors visiting the site.

Solutions Provided:

Master Planning, Facility planning and design, construction assistance (by volunteer).

Site plan

Site Plan

Housing cluster

Housing cluster plan

5 houseing

5 housing plan

Housing cluster floor plan

Housing cluster floor plan

Housing cluster cross and wall sections

Construction, front of building


Entry gate and sign


TECH architect Bob Schill providing construction oversight


Examining finished construction drawings by TECH

bus round

Bus round with Admin building under construction

finished bus round

Finished bus round with admin building


Bus round looking toward entry gate




Housing/dorms detail bedrooms


Housing/dorms bathroom detail


Housing/dorms (old one on right, not torn down yet)




Interior of school commons detail


Interior of school commins detail


Sports complex almost finished

pool + building

In school pool with sports complex building

weight room

Weight room in sports complex building detail

weight room

Weight room in sports complex building detail

pool + bleachers

In school pool with bleachers

bleachers detail

In school pool bleachers detail

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