Are you familiar with TECH Team Advantage? Clients benefit, staff members benefit, and volunteers benefit from the work God is doing through our organization! Whether you’re looking for opportunities to serve God’s Kingdom or if you’re needing technical support so you can better serve God’s Kingdom through your ministry, check out these 28 benefits of working with TECH!

Staff Benefits

  1. Receive 100% of your designated support. TECH takes no administrative fees from staff
    ministry accounts for overhead.
  2. TECH provides a healthcare package at no cost to its staff.
  3. TECH provides a Cancer Insurance policy for all staff
  4. TECH reimburses staff for Medicare Supplemental insurance. (minimum requirements
    must be met)
  5. TECH pays for all professional & license fees.
  6. TECH typically will match, (or exceed matching) of minimum Retirement program.
  7. TECH provides a Medical Emergency Fund for extreme medical situations.
  8. TECH provides participation in Parsonage Allowance for eligible staff.
  9. TECH provides for Member Expense Reimbursement.
  10. TECH provides for eight Holidays.
  11. TECH allows up to three weeks (15 days) for Special Ministry, or Deputation to meet
    with supporting churches and individuals.
  12. TECH provides fund raising materials, (Displays, brochures, etc.) for staff fund

Staff Participation

  1. TECH provides a Christ centered atmosphere to work in.
  2. TECH provides up-to-date equipment for staff to complete projects.
  3. TECH provides a modern office facility.
  4. TECH provides for Daily Chapel experience.
  5. TECH provides a personal and caring environment to work in. The staff genuinely care
    for, and pray for, each other.
  6. TECH provides a place to use professional technical skills to serve the kingdom of God.

Volunteer Participation

  1. Opportunity to serve the kingdom of God as a volunteer from anywhere in the world.
  2. Opportunity to work with technical followers of Christ on a variety of ministry projects.
  3. Opportunity to have an impact on eternity.
  4. Opportunity to share your gifts, passions, talents, and experience on active mission
  5. Opportunity to serve in a wide range of professional technical areas.

Client Benefits

  1. Clients benefit from specific solutions for their specific needs. All the services provided
    are custom in nature.
  2. Clients benefit from working with like-minded staff in relationship to specific ministry
    needs. We understand the nuances of ministry as we are missionaries too.
  3. Clients benefit from receiving top quality services for a fraction of the cost. TECH pays
    no staff salaries. Those savings are passed on to our clients allowing for more kingdom
    dollars being invested in the Clients projects.
  4. Clients benefit from working with a group of people whose ultimate goal is to bring
    Christ glory through the services we provide.
  5. Clients benefit from working with our staff whose passion is to see people come to know
    our Savior with eternity in view.

If you aren’t sure where it is God is calling you to serve yet, check out TECH Team Advantage! We offer full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities to like-minded missionaries, churches, and Christian organizations who long to make an impact for God’s Kingdom!

Visit our website for more information to learn more about our five (5) areas of service and how you can use your gifts, passions, talents, and skills to make a difference for eternity:

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Quick Donation

TECH Team relies on donations and sponsorships for funds in order to continue providing professional and affordable services specific to the needs of like-minded missionaries, churches, and Christian organizations around the world.