Special Project: SPadv Bible translation app

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A Bible translation app for oral cultures

Special project: SPadv (Story Publisher ADV)

Getting Bible studies into the languages of unreached people groups faster and in a format that doesn’t require illiterate people to learn to read.

$22,000 to finish the SPadv Bible translation app

The opportunity ...

God has graciously placed a unique opportunity in our lap. In conjunction with Tyndale Bible Translators, our Software Solutions team is developing and refining a Bible translation app. The mobile app is called Story Publisher Adv (SPadv).

With this app ANYONE who is bilingual can now orally translate Bible stories and publish Bible videos! The audio and visual formats, published by the Bible translators, can then be accessed by their entire community via an offline Android app, regardless of education, illiteracy, or poor eyesight.

Usage of the app today ...

God is already using the SPadv app to spread the Gospel throughout the world at an exponential rate.

Currently, the Story Publisher Adv app is being used in more than 25 countries around the world, facilitating the translation and distribution of Bible videos in 55+ languages.

Future development ...

The initial project has grown tremendously, and we find ourselves in a God-ordained position to create more resources within it. This will create more opportunities for people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For example, one area of future concentration is Indonesia (the world’s largest Islamic nation) where the Gospel is quickly spreading. Most of their languages and dialects have no Bible translation. The goal for the app is to get Gospel recordings in all the 1000 languages and dialects of Indonesia within the next few years.

The process to finish the app

How you can help ...

The SPadv app is free for users but there are hefty development expenses. TECH has donated 800+ hours ($16,000 worth of work at our discounted $20 per hour). We cannot sustain this and need your help to finish this project.
An additional $22,000 is needed to finish.
Can you help us meet this need by sponsoring this project? Any amount is appreciated and makes a Kingdom difference! Your gift will enable us to keep running alongside Tyndale Bible Translators as we help them continue to enhance the SPadv mobile app to help reach the unreached! Your Kingdom dollars go a long way, and we have no doubt this project will bear a lot of fruit. It’s already shown that it has! This is a simple way to invest in the Kingdom.

Thank you for your gift!

Because TECH Team is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contribution may be tax deductible.
Please contact your tax advisor for any questions you may have regarding your specific gift.

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