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Team-buttonWe have many areas at TECH where God can use your gifts, experience, talents, and training to help spread the gospel through technical ministries. Serve on our team as a full-time Missionary Staff, a Missionary Volunteer or a Missionary Intern. (Volunteer positions are available full-time or part-time.) A minimum of two years college education or equivalent life experience or training is required for all positions. Team members are active followers of our Lord Jesus Christ and adhere to our beliefs statement.


Here are the basic skill areas in which you can serve.

Auto Mechanics
Computer Programming
Software Development
Graphic Design
Web Development
Public Relations

Check out our service areas for more information.

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Serve as Missionary Staff, dedicating your talents experience and training to the support of missions. This is an actual missionary role, just like someone serving overseas. All TECH Missionary Staff must have technical experience and/or professional training in their area of interest, agree with our beliefs statement, submit an application and be approved by Missionary TECH Team’s Board.

As a Missionary staff, you will be commissioned by your sending church. TECH is a pledge-supported mission, both organizationally and individually. In lieu of salary, we will help you get started on raising your financial and prayer support team.

Missionary Staff works 40-hour weeks. Most relocate to Longview, Texas to work at our beautiful facilities. Some work from home and come into the office periodically to interface with others on the team.

For more information or to start the application process please fill out the form above.

Our Volunteer program (which we call TECH Reserves) provides you with an opportunity to be actively involved in the work of missions serving full or part-time. TECH Missionary Volunteers provide their own financial support for the time they dedicate to missions – out of their normal jobs, retirement, or other sources.

If you have technical and professional skills, you can opt for an assigned role as a TECH Volunteer on a regular basis. You may also serve occasionally for a short-term on projects in your area of expertise.

Project involvement may be done at TECH’s headquarters, at the project site, or from the Volunteer’s home or office.

Missionary TECH Team also offers many volunteer opportunities that do not require technical skills but do require a willing heart, a team spirit, and hands that love to serve.

For more information please fill out the inquiry form above.

Intern Application

Intern Application

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Our Missionary Internship program gives you as a college student an opportunity to develop your God given skills, education, experience and technical abilities while serving the Lord. This is more than an internship, it is a calling.

You will serve alongside TECH Missionary Staff, participate in hands-on technical ministry, and assist in actual project assignments, and gain career experience as well as a taste for the mission field.

TECH provides housing for interns who need it. Missionary TECH Team is a faith-supported mission. Interns are responsible for their living expenses.


• A minimum of two years pre-professional education or life experience.

• Completion of the TECH Internship application and signed agreement with TECH’s belief statement.

Missionary TECH Team determines acceptance upon:

(a) evaluation of application
(b) assessment of skills
(c) availability of appropriate projects

Willingness to commit a period of six weeks to twelve months of service, usually at TECH Headquarters in Longview, Texas.


• Willing to work as a team member on a wide variety of tasks, topics and assignments

• Provide a minimum of 40 hours service to Missionary TECH Team each week of the internship

• Supply your own transportation to and from Longview, Texas

• . Interns typically raise financial support to cover their living expenses (other than housing) while serving at TECH. (As a non-profit agency, TECH can provide tax-deductible receipts for the contributions given on behalf of interns’ financial support and approved expenses.)

• Participate in TECH chapel, prayer groups and other spiritual life programs

• Inform your local church pastor, missions committee and other friends who will stand behind you in prayer and support

College credit is available! Check with your adviser!