Vehicle Leasing Services

Vehicle Information

• We currently have a fleet of 6 cars and 11 minivans.

MS-buttonTECH’s Vehicle Leasing Services provides safe and reliable transportation for missionaries when they come home on furlough or “home assignment.”

Lease rates are:

Short-Term Lease (60 days or less) unlimited mileage.

Car    $19.00 per day
Minivan (2012 or older)    $30.00 per day
Minivan (2013 or newer)  $34.00 per day

Long-Term Lease (over 60 days).

Car  $6.50 per day + 10¢ per mile
Minivan (2012 or older)    $7.00 per day + 12¢ per mile
Minivan (2013 or newer)  $7.00 per day + 14¢ per mile

• A $50 non-refundable payment will reserve the vehicle
• A $200 deposit is required when you pick-up the vehicle

Pickup and Drop off Info:
– TECH will be glad to pickup or drop off lessee anywhere in Longview, TX
– Longview is served by American Airlines (airport code GGG), Amtrak and Greyhound
as well as Avis, Enterprise and Hertz rental cars

Repairs and Maintenance:
– Lessee is responsible for oil changes, tire rotations and other fluid top-off
– Lessee is responsible to resolve any damages and/or accident issues
– TECH is responsible for other repairs and maintenance

Insurance info:
– Lessee is responsible for acquiring their own insurance
– Insurance must include liability, collision and comprehensive
– Missionary TECH Team is to be named as “loss payee”
– Lessee may drive anywhere they are covered by their insurance
– Lessee age and country of drivers license only matters for insurance

Check Availability Lease Application    Contact Us for more information

Missionary TECH Team is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As a result, any vehicle donated to TECH may be eligible to be claimed by the donor as a tax exempt gift.

Some of our current fleet vehicles have been donated by individuals interested in supporting worldwide missionary work. Other vehicles donated to TECH we have been able to sell. These proceeds are turned back into TECH’s Vehicle Leasing ministry in order to purchase tools, equipment and parts to keep our lease fleet in proper and safe operating condition. Contact us about how your vehicle donation can help minister to those who are on the front lines, spreading the Gospel. You may read an Adobe Acrobat PDF file created by the IRS (Pub 4303) as it relates to IRS regulations for vehicle donations effective January 1, 2015.

We would also like you to be aware that according to IRS regulations, if the value of your vehicle donation is greater than $5,000, you should acquire a written appraisal before making your donation. (Please visit and view Publication 561 for details).

TECH’s Board has established a policy of providing our services and products to like-minded organizations. Please see our Eligibility section if your mission or church has never been served previously by any area of TECH.