Ministry Development

A Fresh Approach to Fund Development


Does your church or ministry need additional gift income to conduct your ministry or for a special project?

We are delighted to offer Missionary TECH Team’s “Fund Development for Ministries and Capital Campaigns: A Fresh Approach, God-Centered, Faith-Based, Prayer-Driven”

Our prayer is that God would use this material in a mighty way to help your organization fulfill the task that God has called you to do… and many lives will be changed for Christ.

“Fund Development for Ministries and Capital Campaigns, A Fresh Approach: God-Centered, Faith-Based, Prayer-Driven”

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NOTE: TECH’s Board has established a policy of providing our services and products to like-minded organizations. Please see our Eligibility section to begin the process of project acceptance.

This DVD set and Work Book cover:

1. Universal and timeless principles of fund development.
2. Missionary TECH Team’s specific method for capital campaigns: God-Centered, Faith-Based, and Prayer-Driven.

Missionary TECH Team has over 47 years of experience working with churches and Faith-Based ministries around the world in coaching them how to raise funds for project development. In the fall of 2015 TECH hosted a four day fund development symposium. The information has been condensed into a six-hour, four DVD set and 66 page workbook. It is filled with practical and proven financial principles which have produced God honoring results for capital fund campaigns.

The Workbook and DVD set are designed to work together.

The Workbook gives you notes on the information presented as well as all of the tools you will need in developing your capital fund campaign.

• Developing an audit
• Evaluation criteria
• Donor Data information
• Forms and congregational survey assessments
• Guidelines for campaign master planning meeting

The  6 hour 4 DVD set fills in the details of the outline given in the Workbook.  The sessions on the DVD set are as follows:

Pressing on to New Vistas of Ministry (run time: 10:23 minutes )
The Extra-Ordinary Value (run time: 6:16 minutes )
The Added Value (run time: 27:45 minutes )
A.I.D.A.- The Road to Success (Catch their ATTENTION – Cultivate their INTEREST – Create a DESIRE – Call for ACTION) (run time: 9.22 minutes)

– A.I.D.A.
– Seven “Killers” of Fund Raising

Unlock the Locks (run time:  23:40 minutes)
Potpourri of Germane Topics (run time:  16:54 minutes)

– Tips to help move Through Change
– Marketplace Positioning
– Foundation Grant Request Process
– Social Marketing Tips
– Maximizing the Harvest
– List Management System
– Development Audit

Creating an A.I.D.A for Your Ministry (run time: 18:22 minutes )
Use Your Strengths to Reach New Vistas (run time: 26:35 minutes )
The Planning Process (run time: 12:42 minutes)
Crafting a 12-Month Fund Raising Master Plan (run time: 11:36 minutes) (run time: )

Reach for new Vistas (run time: 28:46 minutes)
A Fresh Approach: (run time: 27:22 minutes)

– Maximizing the Harvest
– REAP  Questions (Review – Evaluate – Adapt – Press on) (run time: )
– A Fresh Approach

Prepare and Plan for Success (run time: 20:54 minutes )

– Principles for a Successful Capital Fund Campaign
– Advance Study for a Church Capital Fund Campaign

Your Facilities are Discipleship Tools (run time:  20:19 minutes)
Case Statement and Campaign Brochure (run time: 21:06 minutes)

– Campaign Booklet Guidelines
– Creative Gift Options
– Church Faith Covenant

Wrap Up … Growing for God (run time: 18:38 minutes)

– Church Congregation Survey
– Church Leaders Assessment
– Suggested Capital Campaign Committees
– Leadership Meeting Agenda

Identify New Strengths and Reach New Vistas (run time:  16:45 minutes)
Develop Your Case Statement (run time: 20:15 minutes)
Crafting a Campaign Master Plan (run time: 14:50 minutes)