Providing you with effective, efficient and innovative facilities for Christian ministry

Providing you with effective, efficient and innovative facilities for Christian ministry

Providing you with effective,
efficient and innovative
facilities for Christian


Facilities Planning

Providing you with effective, efficient and innovative facilities for Christian ministry is the core function of Facilities Planning Services at Missionary TECH Team.

This includes providing the facility resources that will serve your ministry needs and goals. Services provided by TECH are offered by seasoned professionals who understand the unique aspects of Christian ministries and the building environments needed. Following the time-honored three principles of architecture, we seek to meet your ministry needs (utility), producing a lasting structure to serve generations (durability) that is pleasingly designed (beauty).

Our professionals can help provide assistance in each of these areas:

Gathers needed facilities information before beginning the design

► Feasibility Studies: considers facility needs, methods of accomplishment, location requirements, personnel requirements, codes and regulations
► Financial Analysis: provides conceptual budget projections
► Location and Site Analysis: reviews survey of sites, land uses, relationships to surroundings and to transportation, climatological considerations, codes and regulations
► Building Programming: considers space requirements and relationships, occupancy requirements, facility design, construction scheduling, and site and climate requirements

Clarifies the size, number, and location of spaces needed to fit your vision and facilities needs

► Complete evaluation of space requirements, site arrangements along with pertinent building codes will be used to develop an Architectural Program for solving the space needs of the ministry and programs
► Overall layout and relationships with all ministries and programs will be analyzed together
► We can also develop requirements for equipment and furnishings

Combines all site analysis, programming, and ministry goals into a long-range facility development plan, encompassing all existing and proposed facilities

► TECH will develop an overall Master Plan for your site, containing all of your ministry’s mission, visions, goals and the Architectural Program
► The use of any existing facilities will be included in the Master Planning
► The Master Plan will also relate to the site’s topography, consider pedestrian and vehicle routing through the site, and address environmental conditions

Allows you to share your vision using visualizations of your new facility

► We can prepare digital rendering displays of the project to help share your vision
► We can also develop computer generated animations of your project that fly over and/or walk through the facility

Takes your vision and turns it into reality with construction-ready documents

► Schematic/Preliminary Design–We will design and develop proposed Floor Plans and Building Elevations to a schematic level of completion
► Preliminary Estimates–These are cost estimates based on the Schematic/ Preliminary Design and helps your ministry to begin setting fundraising goals
► Design Development–We further develop the architectural and engineering designs, considering materials and building systems in greater detail
► Construction Document Phase–We develop Construction Documents complete with structural, mechanical and electrical details sufficient for obtaining bids from selected contractors

We can assist with limited support services during the construction of your new facilities

► We assist with obtaining Bids and Construction Contracts
► We can provide review of Shop Drawing Submittals
► We can make visits to review construction progress as requested
► We can provide on-site on-going construction services

For those ministries with a particular need

► Landscape Design: provides you with an aesthetically pleasing landscaping design for your site that fits your maintenance requirements
► Interior Design: provides choices for your finished interiors, with colors, materials, and furnishing
► LEED Services: we analyze and coordinate our facility design with leading energy conservation features and environmental standards

TECH’s Board has established a policy of providing our services and products to like-minded organizations. Please see our Eligibility section to begin the process of project acceptance.