Click on the links below to download templates of our most common products that we do print and design work for. Please let us know if you need a custom Template. Call us at 800.871.7795 or email us at gsorders@techteam.org.

Please see our Graphics Guidelines on files that work well for print.

You can use these templates to send us your concepts or you can do the design yourself. If you do that please see our Graphic Guidelines on how to best put your designs together and save them for us to print.

We are happy to do the design work for you as low as $15.00 per hour. However, we know that your ministry dollars are limited, so the more information you can give us on how you would like the design the less time it will take us to produce a design that fits your taste and ministry. Please put design instructions in the product page or send to us through a separate email. When sending images for your design please send the largest, best images you have.

We prefer you to submit designs with layers intact. This makes it much
easier to do color adjustments so your print comes out looking good.
Please be sure and turn your fonts to outlines or rasterize them.

If you do submit in a flattened file please be sure to hide the "DO NOT PRINT"
template layer.If you want to save to a png or jpg please include the bottom
red line (found on all archetype header templates)

If your file is very large consider zipping it before you send it. To send files please click here.

  • These file types work well for layers: PSD, PDF, EPS, SVG, AI, AIT, INDD, INDT.
  • You can also send:JPG and PNG
  • Please save JPGs at the maximum size. For PNG save fast and uncompressed.


On most of our templates there is a bleed area, please extend your design INTO the bleed areas. 
Keep fonts and critical objects out of the bleed areas. 
If you are using an earlier version of Illustrator you will need to delete the clipping mask. 



Telescope Retractable Banner (33.25" x 103.875") 150 ppiTeR.psdTeR.aiTelescope-Retract.jpg
36" Retractable Banner (36" x 82") 150 ppi36"-R.psd36"-R.pdf36"-R.jpg
36" Tabletop Retractable Banner (36" x 54.5") 150 ppi36"-TTR.psd36"-TTR.pdf36"-TTR.jpg
24" Retractable Tall Banner (22" x 78.75") 150 ppi24"FB.psd24"FB.pdf24"Full-Banner.jpg
24" Retractable Medium Banner (22" x 59.25") 150 ppi24"MB.psd24"MB.pdf24"Medium-Banner.jpg
24" Retractable TableTop Banner (22" x 42.875"") 150 ppi24"TTB.psd24"TTB.pdf24"Tabletop-Banner.jpg
15" Retractable Banner (14" x 52") 150 ppi15"B.psd15"B.ai15"Retr.Banner.jpg


Budget X-Stand (24" x 59") 150 ppiB-X.pdfB-X.aiBudget-X.jpg
Mini X-Stand (15" x 10.25") 300 ppiMX.pdfMX.aiMini-X.jpg
6' Bamboo X-Stand (70.9" x 27") 150 ppi6'B.psd6'B.ai6'Bamboo.jpg
7' Bamboo X-Stand (31.5" x 86.6") 150 ppi7'B.psd7'B.ai7'Bamboo.jpg
4' Table X-Stand (24" x 48") 150 ppi4'T-X.pdf4'T-X.ai4'TableX.jpg
5' Table X-Stand (35" x 61") 150 ppi5'T-X.psd5'T-X.ai5'TableX.jpg


Medium Tabletop Display-PANELS 150 ppiMTP.pdfMTP.aiMT-6-Panel-Gaterfoam
Medium Tabletop-HEADER (rectangle) 14" x 40" =MTH-r.pdfMTH-r.aiMTHeader-R.jpg
Medium Tabletop-HEADER (archtype)MTH-a.pdfMTH-a.aiMTHeader-A.jpg
Small Tabletop Display 4-PANELS 150 ppiST4P.pdfST4P.aiST-4-Panel-Gaterfoam.jpg 
Small Tabletop Display 6-PANELS 150 ppiST6P.pdfST6P.aiST-6-Panel-Gaterfoam.jpg
Small Tabletop-HEADER (rectangle)STH-r.pdfSTH-r.aiSTHeader-R.jpg
Small Tabletop-HEADER (archtype)STH-a.pdfSTH-a.aiSTHeader-A.jpg
Airliner Tabletop PANELS 150 ppiAT-P.psdAT-P.aiAirliner-Panels.jpg
ShowStyle Pro32-PANELS 150 ppiSSP32P.pdfSSP32P.aiSSPro32-Panels.jpg
ShowStyle Pro32-HEADER 150 ppiSSP32H.pdfSSP32H.aiSSPro32-Header.jpg
ShowStyle-PANELS 150 ppiSSP.psdSSP.aiSS-Panels.png
ShowStyle-HEADER 150 ppiSSH.pdfSSH.ai



Please note: we do many different types of literature. We send to various printers depending on sales. Please contact us for the correct template for your product.

Prayer Card (4"x 6")PC.pdfPC.ai 
Business Card (2" x 3.5")BC.pdfBC.ai 
Brochure (8.5" x 11") Bi-foldB-8.5x11-bifold.psdB-8.5x11-bifold.ai 
Brochure (4.25 x 14) Tri-fold B-4.25x14.pdfB-4.25x14.jpg