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Missionary TECH Team was founded in faith, is supported by faith and serves with faith. Our common goal is "To Know Christ and Make Him Known". It all began in 1969...Missionary TECH Team began with two men who had a dream to provide technical services to missionaries and like-minded Christian organizations around the world. By God's grace, they overcame many obstacles, even from other believers who told them it couldn't be done.

Today (2011) TECH Team has a staff of 20 and is asking God for additional personnel in all areas of service. Assistance is also provided by temporary and short-term personnel and volunteers.

Missionary TECH Team and its missionaries are pledge-supported by the prayers and gifts of God's people. Client ministries contribute a ministry-based fee for services rendered. The balance of day-to-day operating costs is met by gifts from churches, individuals, and other interested organizations.

Missionary TECH Team is accredited the Association of North American Missions (ANAM). Accreditation by this organization affirms that Missionary TECH Team has been thoroughly examined, and that the ministry is doctrinally sound, fiscally responsible, and ethically and morally upright.

The acronym TECH came as a result of our calling to provide Technical, Engineering and Consulting Help to missions and like-minded Christian organizations.

Most missionaries and Christian workers are trained for ministry, not planning designing or updating facilities, dealing with computers and computer software, designing their own graphics (prayer cards, brochures, etc.), or locating, purchasing or maintaining a vehicle. Missionary TECH Team was created to help meet those needs.

God has called us to serve. Each TECH missionary has God given skills that have been surrendered for the Master's service. We want to help you. Our desire to help missions and Christian organizations with their technical needs is the reason we are here. By helping with these needs, we are enabling these ministries to be more effective and fruitful in their outreach. That is our long range commitment, "To Know Christ and Make Him Known".

If you have need for technical assistance, whether in graphic arts, facilities planning, computer services or need for a reliable vehicle while in the states, our skilled, dedicated staff may be able to help you. For more information on services available, click here. To read our Beliefs Statement, click here. For information on eligibility requirements, click here. To fill out an eligibility application please click here