Missionary TECH Team is the service mission that like-minded Christian ministries may turn to for technical assistance and know-how.

Areas of Ministry Service...

Computer Services provides Customized Software for Christian ministries along with expertise and guidance related to computer systems and networks.

Graphic Services provides help to Missionaries, Missions and Christian workers around the world to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Graphic Design. We take your content and your concepts and formulate them into a professional quality communications tool, one that will relay your message in a way that brings glory to our God.

Facilities Planning provides a variety of Christian ministries with professional services including master plans for the long-range development of their ministry's site, including facility design, site analysis, electrical and mechanical engineering and other related areas.

Mechanical Services provides transportation solutions to Christian service workers and missionaries on furlough by supplying rental vehicles.

Ministry Development Services provides fund raising training and help with developing strategies and plans for raising funds for capital fund campaigns, special projects, and general operating costs.

Missionary TECH Team
 is a Christian service organization created to provide technical assistance to like-minded ministries and missionaries. We have established a definitive statement concerning  major points of Biblical understanding. It is our conviction that true spiritual  unity within the body of believers making up the staff of TECH, along with  those ministries we serve, is possible only through wholehearted agreement  with the statement of Foundational Biblical Beliefs. Individuals or missions  holding different views, or even having serious reservations, may well be led  of the Lord in such. However, we believe fellowship and working relationships  should be with those who are like-minded. Thus Article IV of TECH's  Constitution states:

     "The commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is "..that the world may  know..." John 17:23. Therefore, the field of ministry for Missionary TECH Team  is available to like-minded (having harmonious objectives, practices and  intents) Christian organizations worldwide. Following the principle of Acts 6:1-7, acceptance of projects shall be made by the Board of Trustees and/or its agent after prayerful consideration and evaluation. All projects  shall be for the express purpose of assisting in more effectively fulfilling our  Lord's Commission." 

To begin our Ministry approval process: Please, carefully read our Foundational Beliefs Statement, then fill out and submit the Eligibility Form. Also note that because of IRS requirements, we are only allowed to assist other 501(c)3 organizations or non-profit entities, and our bylaws insist like-mindedness with those ministries we serve. 

If you are waiting on Eligibility, you can still  place an order, but it will not be processed until you have been approved.