Missionary TECH Team Apps

MST-AppMSTOur Missionary Support Team App

is now available on the app store! This has been specifically developed with the missionary in mind to help track contacts, donors, and pledges. It gives the ability to carry your donor contact information with you at all times and access it by the tap of your finger. If you need a phone number, or simply directions, the information is immediately available. You can track your financial or prayer support commitments by setting up specific groups. The app can be a tremendous help to new missionaries as they begin their support raising adventure. We are delighted to make this available, and you can find it by visiting the iTunes or Google Play store.

The last several years TECH has worked on developing custom computer software. More recently mobile smartphone apps have blossomed as organizations see how effective they can be in their ministries. Many have limited personnel, so the ability to access information quickly through customized apps has been a tremendous help and has maximized the missionary’s time.

Click here to read about our Software Services area’s various applications and services. Check out our other apps on the apps stores. iTunes / Google Play

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